Vulcan JFC – Friendly Booking Requests

Use the form below to request a friendly. Only complete the form once you have all the information required. Your request will be declined if you put placeholder information in the form. 

There are several calendars listed, one for each available pitch or to represent an away game. Make sure you select the right pitch using the drop down button, this will then give you the available times you can reserve.

Only available dates and times are shown, if a time is greyed out, it is because this time slot has already gone. Bear in mind pitches occupied by teams training (scroll to the bottom of page to see training schedule)

Your friendly is not approved until you receive a confirmation message from Dave or Phil (normally by WhatsApp or a text message). 

Note: The system allows coaches to request the same date and time until it has been approved, so there is a chance your request may look available but it still could be refused. The Secretary will approve on a first come, first serve basis and inform you if an alternative time is required.

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Click the Training Timetable image below to open a larger version in a new tab….