A Guide for Team Managers & Coaches

The Vulcan Way

At Vulcan Juniors FC, our primary aim is to create a safe and inclusive environment where players can enjoy the game of football. We remove the emphasis on results and winning, allowing our coaches to prioritise helping each and every player to develop. A Vulcan coach should always encourage positive team spirit and togetherness at all times.

Venue Access

You will be provided with the passcodes for accessing Vulcan Sports Club. There are different codes for the car park barrier, gate padlocks and the key box.

The Key Box contains keys which will enable you to open the changing rooms in the Vulcan clubhouse. There is a second set of keys with a fob to access the pitches at Wargrave School.

Weekly Training

Each week, all teams are allocated an hour training time and a pitch to train on. Summer training will be on a grass pitch. In the winter months (from October to around Easter) teams will be allocated an indoor training venue or an outdoor venue with floodlights.

For training session ideas, click here

Arranging a Friendly Match

After contacting an opposing team manager to agree a match date for a friendly, use this link to submit a friendly match request to Vulcan Juniors:


Opponent teams must be affiliated to a County FA and hold a current Club Affiliation number.

For the 2022/23 season, Vulcan FC’s affiliation number is Y-LIV7535

Match Day Pitch Set-Up

For home matches, it is your responsibility to ensure that the pitch is set up correctly. This is a task that other player parents (who are not team coaches) should be encouraged to do.

Respect ropes need to go the full length of the pitch on both sides, two metres back from the touchline. Goals need to pegged down.

All of the equipment you need will be stored near to the pitch that you will be allocated.

Vulcan Sports Club Pitches: Within the caged area are different sized goals, ready built, suitable for each age group/format. Also within the caged area are plastic sheds, which contain respect ropes and corner flags.

Wargrave School Pitches: The goals are ready built and are next to the green shed, which contains other equipment including the corner flags and respect ropes.

Vulcan Village Pitch: The 9v9 goals, respect ropes and corner flags are stored within the changing rooms of the clubhouse at Vulcan Sports Club. The equipment will need to transported to the village pitch with the goals erected pitch side, then dismantled and returned after the match.

League Matches

League matches will run from September to May. Your team fixtures will be emailed to the Team’s main contact (usually the manager). This will include KO times, venue information and contact details of the opposition team manager. If you have a referee assigned to your match, their contact information will also be provided. For all home fixtures, please always contact the opposing team manager and referee a few days before the match to confirm the fixture.

Fixtures will also appear on the Match Day app.

For more info on the app, go to https://www.englandfootball.com/participate/explore/helpful-apps-and-websites/matchday

Team Kit

The club partners with a single supplier, so all team kit and apparel need to purchase via this route. Team kits are usually paid for by a team sponsor. To

Coach Qualifications

All junior team coaches must be DBS checked – the Club Welfare Officer, Helen McCue, will assist you through the process. All coaches also need to complete the FA’s online Safeguarding Children course.

Once a team is up and running, the team manager should book on and complete the FA’s Introduction to Coaching Football course (I2CF) which covers Safeguarding Children and Introduction to First Aid in Football. Fully funded places are sometimes available for this online course; alternatively the Club will cover the cost of the course fee.

Other coaches on the team, or parents who would be interested in taking more of an active role in grassroots football, can book on the free FA Playmaker Course.

When booking essential training courses which have a cost attached to them, please pay the course fee and reclaim the cost via the “Vulcan Managers Funds” WhatsApp Group.

Reporting a Safeguarding Issue

Any potential or actual safeguarding matters should be immediately referred to the Club Welfare Officer, Helen McCue, for support and advice. Helen can be contacted by email safeguarding@vulcanjuniorsfc.co.uk or by phone.

If you question or have a doubt whether you think there is a safeguarding matter or not, protect yourself (and potentially the child) by acting on this seek guidance from Helen. 

Pitch Inspections

Council Operated Pitches (Vulcan Village and Wargrave Primary School)

St Helens Council will make a decision in the week, usually on Twitter (@STH_Customer), to postpone games due to inclement weather. Their decision covers our venues at Vulcan Village and Wargrave Primary School.

The league you are registered with can also make a decision to call off all games and this will take precedence over St Helens Council. You will be notified in the “Vulcan Juniors Info Only” WhatsApp Group by the Club Secretary when this occurs. 

No Reverse Fixtures:  No requests will be considered to switch your away game to a Vulcan pitch due to inclement weather, as the fixtures have been already set and based on a rota for pitch preservation.

Vulcan Sports Club Pitches

For Vulcan Sports Club, the Council do not maintain this venue yet, and therefore the following should take place:

If the Council postpone games then a member of the Vulcan Juniors Committee will perform a pitch inspection the evening before or early morning on the day of fixtures. Their decision will be final.

If they decide it is playable at that moment in time (as the weather could worsen after the decision), Coaches must risk assess that the game is playable taking in to account the FA’s guidance and their own judgement on the safety and wellbeing of the children. The referee also has the right to postpone the game and you must respect the decision in these instances. You will also need to bear in mind the potential damage to the pitch and if playing could lead to such damage that future fixtures could be compromised.